Alexander Heffner on ‘Millennials, Public Media and The Future of Civil Discourse’
Alexa der Heff er delivered a e gagi g Quello Ce ter Lecture o the e gageme t of ‘mille ials’ i public media, issues a d discourse. You are welcome to view the lecture, delivered o 18 March 2015, by goi g to the video below. Quello Lecture a d Pa el o ‘Mille ials, Public Media a d The Future of Civil Discourse’ by Alexa der Heff er (NEW) from Quello Ce ter o Vimeo. Alexa der is seeki g, through his work o ‘Ope Mi ds’, a way to foster a more ‘civic-mi ded jour alism culture, o -adversarial broadcasti g i the public i terest, a d critical exploratio of prosocial ideas.’ His talk ca be viewed here, alo g with respo ses from two colleagues at MSU follow his talk, Eric Freedma , a Pulitzer Prize wi i g jour alist at MSU, a d Gary Reid, the Director of WKAR i East La si g, Michiga . The respo ses a d discussio challe ge the co cept of ‘mille ials’, what is ‘ ewsworthy’ v ‘viral’ a d what the key issues are i the future of public discourse – cha gi g audie ces, busi ess models, the role of the jour alist, a d the quality of discourse. Optimists a d pessimists about the future of public discourse ca be fou d i the discussio . Alexa der is a graduate of A dover a d Harvard, is host of The Ope Mi d o PBS Cha el THIRTEEN/WNET a d CUNY TV. Eric Freedma is the K ight Chair i e viro me tal jour alism a d director of Capital News Service at MSU’s School of Jour alism. Before joi i g the faculty full-time i 1996, Freedma was a reporter. Gary Reid is the Director of Broadcasti g a d Ge eral Ma ager of WDBM-FM, WKAR-AM/FM/TV. He is a U iversity Disti [...]