(Easy & Fast) Pre-Compiled OpenCV Libraries and Headers for 3.2 with Visual Studio 2015 x64 Windows 10 Support | World of OpenCV, AI, Computer Vision and Robotics Examples and Tutorials
Hello Friends, Following our last post on installing OpenCV 3.3 as per the below link, i am sure most of you might have wished that what if somebody could do the favor and supply with the Pre-Compiled Libraries and Headers of OpenCV any version above 3.0. Well, i did the same thing. I compiled my OpenCV 3.2 build and sharing it with you all so that you don't have to go over the pain of manually setting it up. The idea here is that it will save your time and also will let you concentrate more on the coding than building the environment. Here was our original post on this topic. Steps: Well, steps are really simple, download the the two Zip files from the link below(scan them for Antivirus if you don't trust us :P) dump them in their respective folder and start using them in visual studio 2015 by linking them. Its' that simple. OpenCV_visualstudio2015_includes_3.2 opencv