Donald Trump in Poland | Pundit Wire
On 6 July President Trump gave a hefty speech in Warsaw. Here’s the official text. And here is a video of him delivering it. How was it as a speech? First, the speech is some 3700 words long, delivered in 36 minutes. Just over 100 words per minute. Quite a slow rate, no doubt to help the Polish audience (including many non-Warsaw Poles ‘bussed in’ for the occasion) follow what he was saying. The setting is important. He speaks at the monument of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 – never to be confused with no less heroic doom of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 16 months earlier. The current Polish government led by the étatist-populist-patriotic Law and Justice party will have been pleased with this choice. In commemorating Poland’s frantic battle against the Nazis it also sends a not-so-subliminal message of rejecting an over-dominant Germany in today’s European Union? If anyone is looking for a speech down the ages by a foreign leader that plays to Poland’s pride and self-esteem far beyond any