Scientific Contribution of PSM during the Year 2016 | PSM Publishers | Nonprofit Scientific Publishing
Pakistan Science Mission (PSM) is celebrating its 2nd year of success. It was hard time to organize all the things and bring this dream into existence. PSM is highly thankful to all advisers, leadership members and editors for their moral support and volunteer contribution for this noble task. PSM is working to promote science and technology with the following objectives. To promote student interest and strengthen interdisciplinary research. Enhance communication among scientists, researchers, teachers, students and public. To provide an avenue to young researchers for high quality publications. To provide resources for young researchers to pursue opportunities. To conserve the environment and nature on which all life depends. To create lasting solutions to poverty, illness, and social injustice. Achievements 2016 Journals: During the year PSM has published the following journals providing free publications to researchers across the globe. PSM Biological Research covers all areas of