Publication Ethics | PSM Publishers | Nonprofit Scientific Publishing
PSM Publishers holds the ethics of publication as one of its core values and as such, adheres strictly to internationally accepted publication ethics. To ensure compliance, PSM Publishers employs the double-blinded peer-review process for all articles she reviews. The rationale for double-blinded peer review process is to validate the integrity and novelty of the research work. Peer review process adopted by the journal acts as filter and increases the quality of research submitted for publication. This process also help the authors to remove any errors or gaps in manuscript mistakenly overlooked and assists in making the research more applicable in real time. PSM Publishers adopts the following guidelines on publication ethics. Ethical Standards: PSM Publishers author(s) are required to hold fast to the moral benchmarks and behavior that stay compulsory in scientific/ academic publishing. At the time of submission of articles, authors need to express that their work has not been