Plants as Antidiabetic Agents: Traditional Knowledge to Pharmacological Validation | PSM Publishers | Nonprofit Scientific Publishing
Abstract: Diabetes is the most devastating and serious of all metabolic diseases. The available natural remedies are considered as a valuable source of therapeutic agents. A scientific validation of the reported anti-diabetic plants on the basis of their traditional use may pave the way for the development of novel and effective anti-diabetic drugs. Such approaches are the necessity of the day because the available medicines are insufficient to manage all the consequences of diabetes, and the economic problems and a shortage of current therapies in most developing countries. This review comprises information about anti-diabetic medicinal plants of Pakistan with respect to traditional knowledge. The article also includes the in-vitro or in-vivo potential, toxicity, mode of action, and perspective for future research. This effort may serve as a leading point for the formulation of novel herbal mixtures, development of anti-diabetic drugs or their precursors. Keywords: Antidiabetic