Non-classical Roles of Microbes | PSM | Nonprofit Scientific Publishing
EDITORIAL Classical roles of microbes include various aspects such as being involved in the etiology of diseases; here a large group of diseases are known (Costerton et al., 1999; Autenrieth, 2017; Wang et al., 2018). Other beneficial roles are also known including adherence and competition with harmful bacteria (Canny and McCormick, 2008; Hibbing et al., 2010). In the industrial world, microbes also have been engaged in different fields, particularly that of genetic engineering (Godwill, 2014). Actually, the roles of microbes have other dimensions that may expand our horizon to understand our internal world. I would like to show our experience in the field of microbiology regarding the non-classical roles of microbes. We have found those patients with cardiac problems and who were recommended for catheterization, about 50% of them were positive for Chlamydia pneumnia using ELISA and PCR (Al-khatib and Al-Alawneh, 2013). Our findings and other similar findings may revolutionize the