Leaf Image Processing and Detection: Computer-based Aid for Plant Identification and Classification | PSM | Nonprofit Scientific Publishing
Abstract: Identification/recognition of leaf is the first choice for plant taxonomist as well as common men. Plant taxonomists use different criteria for selection and identification of any plant species. Over the years, scientists used different processing tools to recognize plant images for identification of plant characteristics. To unveil the differences in the leaf Morphology with respect to plant identification, Faisalabad district was visited and surveyed for distribution of plant species. We developed leaf recognition software to facilitate the novice to understand the taxonomy of plant by just highlighting the attributes of plant leaves. A pipe and filter software architecture were applied and executed to implement this software. After precise confirmation, data regarding leaf attributes was extracted and used as a base for this software. We evaluated our system in a very extensive manner and also checked the impact. 153 leaf images prototype data was evaluated both with as