Aquaculture Techniques in Use Worldwide | PSM Publishers | Nonprofit Scientific Publishing
The concept of aquaponics, including a brief history of its development and its place within the larger category of soil-less culture and modern agriculture. It discusses the main theoretical concepts of aquaponics. It then moves on to cover important considerations of water quality parameters, water testing, and water sourcing for aquaponics, as well as methods and theories of unit design, including the three main methods of aquaponic systems: media beds, nutrient film technique, and deep water culture. Traditional agriculture is having trouble, water supplies are running out and food demand is only increasing, and there is also a growing demand for crops grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Just because we've always done things one way, doesn't mean that's the best way. This is true of many things in life, and as technology advances many things change. Technological advancements have been very beneficial to the world in terms of food production. Recently