We have enrolled 18 new students at our school | Project Amal ou Salam
To us, everyday is a proud ‪#‎ProjectAmalouSalam‬ day. But today is one of those days where everything comes together and we are able to see first hand the direct impact we are having on the beautiful ‪#‎childrenofSyria‬. The Amal ou Salam school plays an important role by filling a gap in the education system: Syrian children are not allowed to enroll in Jordanian schools until they are able to pass tests at their appropriate grade level. Most Syrian children who are living as refugees in Jordan have been out of school for several years and need significant catch-up time and individualized attention to make up for the hundreds of hours of class time they have missed out on. The Amal ou Salam school prepares students to pass the tests that will allow them to enter the Jordanian school system and ensures that they can perform as well as their Jordanian peers in their new classrooms. This week we have successfully enrolled 18 kids from our school into a formal Jordanian school in grade