PRESS RELEASE | Project Amal ou Salam
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Project Amal ou Salam’s volunteers trapped in Eastern Aleppo Project Amal ou Salam is very worried about the escalation of violence in Eastern Aleppo, with growing concern from the United Nations that civilians are being slaughtered mercilessly. In August, our underground community centre, Beit Amal ou Salam, was forced to suspend its activities due to the worsening situation and has since been used as a shelter. One of our volunteers, Louai Barakat, who became father last March, was forced to flee Aleppo for Turkey with his family. Our coordinator Basem Ayoubi and another volunteer, Omar al-Arab, remained in town and kept us up-to-date with the latest news and developments. They told us about the worst fears of civilians - being arrested and disappearing inside the regime’s prisons - and about the lack of basic goods, including food and medicines. All we know is that Basem and Omar are safe, for now. They told us they want to leave but there is no safe exit