Guest post by volunteer Alice Peck | Project Amal ou Salam
I’m sitting on a leafy balcony in the Rmeil area of Beirut, Lebanon. It is dusk and, apart from my flight here last night, this is the first time I have had alone since I landed in Amman just over one week ago - a time period that seems too short to contain all of the experiences, encounters, interactions, emotions that have just passed. There is a lot to say about Project Amal ou Salam, the resilience and hope of the Syrian children I met, the inspiring volunteers with whom I feel so honoured to have worked alongside, the work we did ... I’m thinking about the final day of the workshops. It’s Wednesday, and we arrive mostly on time to a school in Irbid, northern Jordan, comprised of Syrian, Palestinian, and even Iraqi children who are refugees in the country. I’m a team leader with the Yellow Team along with two other volunteers, one of whom is an Arabic-speaker. Our role is to guide and support a group of 30 or so children, aged 7-8, through the day’s schedule of breakfast,