“French Day” with the children from the Amal ou Salam school | Project Amal ou Salam
Felicie, our amazing volunteer from France, travelled to Jordan last week to work with the children from the Amal ou Salam school and the disabled children of Irbid that we support. At the school, Felicie organized "French Day", where she was joined by two other of our volunteers Alaa and Montasser. The day started off with a typical French breakfast and the kids attended three hours of class to learn about the French culture and to learn that getting to know and understand others countries and their backgrounds is an important part of the world we live in. #ProjectAmalouSalam believes that “An enemy is a person whose story we don’t know” and by exposing our children to different cultures we are creating tolerance and acceptance. In Irbid, Felicie and Montasser spent that day running arts and theatre activities with the kids. As these children are disabled and many do not speak or here- They focused on creative expression through drawing, painting, breathing and acting in order to