Anwar’s letter to Project Amal ou Salam | Project Amal ou Salam
One of our students, Anwar who is 15 years old, read this letter on Monday welcoming the CRDC students and volunteers to Project Amal ou Salam School: "Actually the most important thing we learned from Amal ou Salam is that we are not different and the people from Europe and USA understand our suffering unlike what we see in the media and what we heard from some people who want to divide us. We learned that most people in the world try to help us in everything they could, especially those who volunteer in Amal ou Salam. Their smiles and souls spread love in our tired heart and wash away our sadness and tears. They think that they are our friends but they didn't know that they became our family and we account every minute to meet them again. They took a large part from our hearts. I had always prayed to go back in time before the war but today I pray to God to see our teachers in Amal ou Salam and learned from them how to build Syrian future." Thank you so much, Anwar, you fill our