About | Project Amal ou Salam
Project Amal ou Salam was founded in 2013 after our co-founders Nousha Kabawat and Aziz Abu Sarah visited refugee areas in southern Turkey and the Atmeh IDP camp in northern Syria, where they were struck by the lack of educational resources and support for the children there. Project Amal ou Salam seeks to address these gaps by supporting educational initiatives for Syrian children and running workshops that meet their emotional needs and give them a chance to grow through creativity, fun, and play. In the last four years, our workshops have reached thousands of Syrian children and we have begun sponsoring schools in the major countries of refuge (Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon) and inside Syria. To learn more about our work, you can check out our mission and goals, and meet our team who make Project Amal ou Salam possible. I was heartbroken by many things I saw on the workshop days, from kids with battle wounds (both physical disabilities and obvious emotional trauma), to the fact that