10 Exercises They Taught You In School That You Should NEVER Do - Pro Fitness Zone
Remember back in school when they started to teach you how to do exercises in gym class? It was in and around grade eight or nine – and if you’re old enough – you'll remember being shown how to do arm circles while holding weights, how to use the leg extension machine, the Superman stretch, and the ever popular abdominal crunches. Well if you’re still doing them either because you haven’t learned any new exercises, or, they bring back some vague sense of nostalgia as you hit the gym in your short shorts – STOP. They’re dangerous for you as they’re either ineffective, or worse, can injure you. So forget the A+ you got in gym class, ignore the fact that Mr. Smith was the coolest gym teacher around, because the following 10 exercises that he taught you are 10 exercises you need to stop doing right now!