6 Games From The PS1 Era That Need To Make A Comeback | Power Up Gaming
Remakes and reboots in gaming are nothing new, but as we approach 2020 we’re living in a world of possibilities. Perhaps now more than ever. We’re living in a time when a remake of Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy 7 are about to become a reality. But there are so many other games and franchises that deserve to make a comeback. Maybe they’ve gone on hiatus or simply didn’t catch fire last time. Maybe today’s culture would benefit from their revival. Whatever the case may be here are 6 games from the PS1 era that we would like to see again in some form, be it a remake, reboot or sequel. Now remember this doesn’t mean we want to see less new IPs or that somehow this detracts from that. Wanting new IPs goes without saying. It keeps us in a job after all! We’re simply saying that as gamers we’d like to see these titles get another crack of the whip. Onimusha Samurai killing zombies? I’d be happy to play that any day of the week. After Sekiro, Nioh and other games set in a fantasy version