Can Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds Measure Up to Fallout? | Power Up Gaming
Gamers are eagerly awaiting the October 25 release of The Outer Worlds. It’s on that date that the game will hit PCs, PS4, and Xbox One. The game’s developer, Obsidian, has confirmed that its all-new RPG is also set to hit Nintendo Switch at a later date. Obsidian has been hard at work pitching The Outer Worlds as the successor to its 2010 big hit, Fallout: New Vegas, which may come as a surprise for those of you still feeling a little shortchanged from Fallout 76. Yet, The Outer Worlds promises sensational role-playing systems, a vast open world, and supremely fast FPS gameplay. What else do we know about the much-anticipated game? Let’s take a look. The Story Behind The Outer Worlds The story starts like this: Your character was aboard a ship transporting humans to a new colony called Halcyon, a pair of planets right on the edge of the galaxy. But the ship got lost, which means you’ve spent the last 70 years in cryosleep. While that ought to be too long to actually survive, a