What’s the Deal with Death Stranding’s Bridge Babies? | Power Up Gaming
It’s been a couple of years since the famed game director, Hideo Kojima, revealed his first big game after cutting ties with Konami: Death Stranding. In the initial teaser, we see The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus in a weirdly confusing short video. Since the big reveal left us both awed and incredibly confused, we’ve eaten up every teaser that has come our way, including the reveal of another of Kojima’s handsome friends: Mads Mikkelsen. However, one thing that is (understandably) never truly revealed are the roles of the babies shown in the Gamescom 2019 trailers. Since then, gaming fans have scoured different internet forums and social media discussing theories surrounding Death Stranding. One such theory, that Gamescom 2019 unfortunately didn’t answer, was the role of the baby strapped to Sam’s (Reedus’ character) chest. If anything, the short clips have left us even more confused because now the baby, known as a B.B or Bridge Baby, has a connection to the afterlife. Even the