7 Amazing Facts about Esports | Power Up Gaming
Esports is quickly becoming big business and the money in the sport is so big that few predicted it would reach the heights it has done. While it is popular, more and more people are beginning to come around to the idea that Esports are here to stay and expect to see even more huge numbers posted by those in charge. If you are relatively new to Esports, here are seven amazing facts about Esports that you probably don’t know. 1. Can You Get Rich Playing Video Games? For many years, the answer to this question was a resounding no. However, with Esports now taking off, the answer is now firmly yes. The total prize money given out at all the Esports events in 2015 was a whopping $61 million: a 70% year-on-year increase. For the first time, the answer has to be: yes, you can get rich by playing video games. This may not be the most stable career path to take, but people will begin to consider it as their potential career. Recently, a Brazilian footballer quit the game to become a