Refer-a-Friend Means You Get More: Why Sharing is Caring in the Gaming Industry | Power Up Gaming
What's the best way for a business to improve its marketing ROI (return on investment)? Simple: appeal to customers that are already satisfied with your product. All businesses, regardless of the industry they operate in, are on a mission to find customers who like what they offer. Naturally, without asking everyone on an individual basis, a company can't be 100% sure whether someone is into their service or not. Because of this, they have to take a scattergun approach to marketing. Or, to put it another way, they fire lots of shots and hope that at least a few of them hit the mark. Although common practice, this strategy isn't the most efficient way to find and, importantly, to retain loyal customers. Fortunately, there is a better way and the gaming world has known about it for a long time. Despite being a very specific part of the gaming spectrum, online casino and betting sites have been using something known as "refer-a-friend" programs for almost two decades. Part of a larger