Hellboy 2019: Everything We Know So Far about the Dark Reboot | Power Up Gaming
When the general public considers comic book studios, chances are their first thoughts will be of Marvel and DC. These two studios, whether they are in-house projects or creations by 20th Century Fox and Sony, have well and truly conquered the superhero movie industry over the last 10 years. Still, every so often there’s a comic book studio that wants to enter the fray and give their comics, often ones that have been popular among readers for a long time, the cinematic treatment. One of the most successful superhero movies to come from a studio besides DC or Marvel in the last two decades was Dark Horse Comic’s Hellboy. Under the expert direction of Guillermo del Toro and starring Ron Pearlman as the main demon himself, Hellboy received two movies that both received positive reviews. Alas, after the sequel was released in 2008 all chances of a third film disappeared and the Hellboy franchise became a clip note in the history of modern comic book movies. At least, that was until