How Gaming Evolved into the Ultimate Entertainment Form | Power Up Gaming
With the global video games market expected to bring in revenues of over $100 billion in 2017, it’s clear that gaming is now about so much more than trivial entertainment. From professional gamers earning big money from eSports competitions and slots games, to young people using games for educational purposes, it’s clear that the uses of video games are evolving at a phenomenal rate. The early days of video gaming were filled with simple titles like Pong and Space Invaders that required little more from the gamer than a skilled use of hand-to-eye coordination. But as computer technology became more sophisticated, titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator and Football Manager started to successfully mimic real-life activities to add a degree of realism and complexity to the gameplay. However, it was when internet technologies arrived that things really took off. This is because iconic games like World of Warcraft used super-fast broadband technologies to enable massively multiplayer games