Cataloguing the Many Mistakes of the Nintendo Switch | Power Up Gaming
Last week, we got our first proper introduction to the Nintendo Switch, a handheld/console hybrid that seemed to be heading in the right direction; its debut trailer in October had me hoping. Now, after an awkward, confusing mess of a conference, and a slew of harrowing announcements after-the-fact, I believe that Nintendo has reached its second minute to midnight. The company has leant nothing from the mistakes of the Wii U, and thus will not survive with the Switch, in the console market, or after this generation. What signs brought this assertion about, you may ask. The squid scientist and the master of puppets man at the conference were dead giveaways, but a more concerning list of points is necessary to hypothesise the Switch's demise. Zelda Doesn't Look That Special While many may consider The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to be the second coming, I worry about its drawn-out development, and the impact that may have upon an obviously pushed-back open-world game in a market