Power Up Gaming’s Game of the Year 2016 | Power Up Gaming
With 2016 now drawing to a close, we at Power Up Gaming have had time to reflect on what has, in many ways, been a turbulent year. Mirroring real-world events, the gaming industry has been full of stunning highlights, more than a few low points (more on those in a future article), and even a few shocks that came out of left field to defy all of our expectations. After days of consideration, negotiation, and the odd spot of bickering, the staff here at Power Up Gaming have now agreed on the worthy recipients of our third annual game of the year awards. Unlike previous years, in which individual staff members contributed their own game of the year in a series of opinion pieces, we have been voting – via a two-round, secret ballot – to decide the winners on a consensus basis. Without further adieu, we see you into the new year with the 2016 Power Up Gaming Game of the Year Awards. Game of the Year 2016 – Overwatch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dushZybUYnM What we said: Whether you're