FIFA 17 Players Demand Explanation After Evidence of Secret Rubber Banding/Momentum Discovered | Power Up Gaming
The FIFA 17 community is demanding an explanation from EA after users found evidence of 'momentum' – also known as scripting or rubber band difficulty – in the game's data files. For those who are unaware, a rubber banding system dynamically adjusts the difficulty of a game according to how well – or how badly – a player is performing. For years, publisher EA has denied claims that its flagship football series stealthily includes such a feature. However, evidence has surfaced over the past couple of days that points to the contrary. Reddit user girlfriend_pregnant kicked off the debate after data mining FIFA 17's game files on PC and discovering, amongst other hidden attributes including 'super sub', a line of code that pointed to the team chemistry stat – used in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) – being linked to 'momentum': //--- team chemistry (0-100) (used in momentum) This initial thread launched a community-led investigation, with Reddit user Murhawk013 discovering that a recent EA