What Did We Learn From Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Premiere Gameplay Footage? | Power Up Gaming
After being teased to the point of exhaustion with developer diary presentations, anecdotal trailers and drops of information here and there, gamers were finally treated to something more concrete at this year's Game Awards that shows the potential of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Your version of Ryder, either Sara or Scott, are tasked with inheriting your father's position as humanity's Pathfinder. Activated before Mass Effect 3's Reaper invasion, Ryder has spent the past 600 years in cryo-sleep. Pathfinders are "part soldier, part explorer, part guide" and must find a new home for the human race. From never-ending deserts to harsh volcanic environments, and everything in-between, finding this 'new home' will be far from easy. The footage soon kicks into gear by entering a cluster of planets – with a very similar look to Mass Effect 3's approach – in the Govorkam system. We've been told that every planet, habitable or not, has its own story to discover and the trailer soon enters a planet