Orwell Episode 4 & 5 Review: The Horror of Politics | Power Up Gaming
An emptiness gripped me as I stared at Orwell's ending credits. The same lingering questioning kept replaying in my mind: what had I actually accomplished? A lot of people got arrested, others died, the status quo of the surveillance state was unchanged, and at the end of the day, the mastermind behind the whole terrorist plot somehow got away. While there's no denying that Orwell does act as a venue for the developers to impart social commentary, it's also not entirely black-and-white commentary. The Orwell surveillance system errs in ripping too much information out of context, incriminating anyone who so much as whispers of rebellion, but at the same time, few of the suspects you investigate can be classified as good people. At times, their actions might even justify the system. I don't wish to delve into too many spoilers, but suffice to say, certain characters involved in the game's terror plot are driven to violence by a strong distrust of governmental surveillance. It's a