Dishonored 2 Review – An Intelligent Masterpiece from Start to Finish | Power Up Gaming
Game worlds have the ability to both perplex and beguile; they can conjure up feelings of dread or beauty, or sadness through textured interactions: like simple notes scrawled by troubled denizens; like subtly placed portraits or unkempt desks that may reveal the utmost about a character's wellbeing or handicap. From the breadth of its cityscapes, to the dead and dying in its blood-flooded holes, Dishonored 2 houses this exact propensity to awe. It is a tale of revenge told through not only intelligent thematic concerns, but also through open-ended, first-person stealth, as you decide the fate of Karnaca and its populace through either violence or pacification. Set fifteen years after the events of the original game, Dishonored 2 allows you to play as either Emily Kaldwin, now empress of Dunwall, or Corvo Attano, her father and previous protagonist. Each must counteract an imperial coup through a sordid series of assassinations on the southern continent of Serkonos by slaying the