Gwent Closed Beta Impressions – On the Road to Crafting Perfection | Power Up Gaming
Gwent was only a small part of what accounted for the sheer brilliance of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. But now, the popularity of this seemingly straightforward mini-game has become its own beast, with Gwent: The Witcher Card Game entering its beta phase. It only contains online multiplayer elements at this stage – a best-of-three match between two players – but Gwent manages to hold its own as a standalone game and quickly becomes an enticing and addictive venture. The art of building the right deck is almost more engrossing than the mind games at play when in an actual duel. For the uninitiated, the main goal of Gwent is to have the most Strength at the end of a round. All of the unit cards are divided into Siege, Ranged and Melee classes, while Special cards help to increase the value of your own cards or significantly lower your opponent's overall strength. But the real key to victory is knowing when to play which card. Currently, there are four decks available in the Gwent closed