Firewatch to Receive a Limited Physical Run on PS4; Estimated Price and Quantity Revealed | Power Up Gaming
Acclaimed first-person adventure title Firewatch is to receive a limited physical release on the PS4, developer Campo Santo has confirmed. In a tweet posted yesterday, the independent Californian developer confirmed it was to collaborate with Limited Run Games to release the title in physical form later this year; it has, until now, only been available as a digital download. We're doing a small physical run of Firewatch with our friends at @LimitedRunGames! Coming soon (this year!) pic.twitter.com/OyE6tRpwLp— Campo Santo (@camposanto) November 16, 2016 In a follow-up email to Power Up Gaming, Campo Santo stated that the run would consist of "under 10,000" copies, while it expects the retail price to be around $24.99 – although this is subject to change. A spokesman for the studio also confirmed the game will include a printed map of Shosone National Forest, the title's setting. Firewatch is a mystery game set in the Wyoming wilderness. Players assume the role of fire lookout