Orwell Episode 3: Unperson Review | Power Up Gaming
Well, it looks like I'm getting much better at capturing suspects, even if they're not necessarily in the most alive state. There's a pivotal moment near the end of Orwell's third episode in which players are reading a live phone transcript as a terrorist manhunt unfolds. It's the culmination of about an hour's worth of research and judgment calls, and depending on the player's decisions, it could very well mean life or death for the suspect. There are no animated visuals during this sequence, nor is there any audio dialogue to speak of. All players have before them is some text and foreboding music cues. At face value, one could easily chalk this up to budget constraints, but within the context of the game's setting and theme, the sequence ends up working brilliantly. The suspense of waiting powerlessly on the other end of the line, unsure of what is happening, is a brilliant contrast to the power the player was given in rooting through the suspect's personal information. That an