Miitomo Receives Massive Update with Better Interactions & New Features | Power Up Gaming
A long-awaited Miitomo update is finally here, and with it users have access to a host of new features, including private messaging, room customization, and more extensive style options. The most wanted feature users had been craving was private messaging, as there really wasn’t anyway to directly communicate with others before now. Now that’s available. Along with private messaging being implemented, Miitomo will also let users share their answers to those quirky, fun questions Miitomo is known for. The answers can be shared with anyone around the world, with the new Answer Central room, and brings a new way to mingle with others. Of course, no social experience is complete without new ways to dress up your avatar, and the new update brings on a host of new options and rewards for players to try out. Building off Answer Central, Miitomo now has a Style Central area as well, where users can submit and vote on their Mii’s, and others’, favorite outfits of the day. One of the last things