The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Review | Power Up Gaming
It's already been half a decade since Skyrim launched, but it feels like I only just yesterday intimidated Louis Letrush into handing over Frost, the finest steed in all of Skyrim. I rode that horse everywhere, mind you, until a dragon unceremoniously incinerated my fellow mammal 50 levels later. A few minutes after that, I somehow stumbled upon Louis again by chance. I wasn't too happy to see him; after all, he had been sending assassins after me for stealing the horse that had just died. I figured I would make his day a lot worse, but as it happens, another dragon swooped by and burned him, too. It was those random little moments that made Skyrim so special. Granted, there were few open-world RPGs in the first place to rival the ambition of Skyrim, but even today, a lot of that magic remains. Few games have allowed players such an unparalleled sense of freedom to immerse themselves in just about whatever they want. You could be the slayer of dragons, a mercenary, thief, vampire,