PAX Aus 2016: Day 3 Wrap-Up – More VR, Indie Games, and Final Thoughts | Power Up Gaming
Day three of PAX Aus 2016 brings us to the final stretch and one last chance to play around with some of the titles that may have otherwise been overlooked. We were on our last legs, but it was time for one last push of gaming enthusiasm. Here are the highlights of our third and final day at PAX Aus: BrambleLash BrambleLash is a colourful indie game from an Australian developer called ByteSprite. It incorporates an Adventure mode for its main use of co-operative play, where two players are connected by a sparkling tether and must eliminate enemies in order to progress. BrambleLash also has an all-out player against player Versus mode for up to four people. You can use your tether, which is connected to a faint ghost-like creature, to your advantage or tether yourself to other players against their will. In Versus, it's all about scoring points instead of the level progression seen in the Adventure mode, and things can become heated quite quickly. There's the AI enemies to consider,