The Best PS4 and Xbox One Casino Games | Power Up Gaming
Online casino gaming is a big business. Whether it's playing the virtual slots or roulette for real money, or simply trying your hand at poker for bragging rights with your friends, gone are the days of having to set foot inside a brick-and-mortar outlet to get your gaming fix. The global online gambling market is estimated to be worth a staggering $46 billion by the end of 2016, whilst up to 173 million people play 'social casino' games; that is, titles which see players compete in a social setting for virtual credits rather than real money in an online casino. Although a large proportion of that latter player base can be inevitably be attributed to the popularity of smart phones and casual gaming apps, you'd expect at least some of the more traditional console game developers to want to get a slice of the action. As it is, however, console users wanting to get their fix of casino gaming – either through slots or table games – via their PS4 or Xbox One are significantly restricted. As