PAX Aus 2016: Day 2 Wrap-Up – Horizon Zero Dawn, For Honor, Bad Watch Dogs, and More | Power Up Gaming
With plenty of games still left to try out, day two of PAX Aus was the chance for the big triple-A titles to flex some muscle. There were hits, misses, and some that left me scratching my head. Here's how the day panned out: Hand of Fate 2 A sequel to the surprise hit, Hand of Fate, this second instalment brought a whole lot of new stuff to the table. The foundations have been set with a graphical facelift, complemented by a heightened and more stable frame-rate, making the third-person combat scenarios a lot more fluid. The battle environments are more open now, too, and it's clear the team behind Hand of Fate 2, Defiant Development, have worked hard to eliminate the cluttered and cramped feel of the original. Hand of Fate 2 also offers a couple of new elements outside of combat. Players will choose a Companion to join them as they explore floors, continuing with the tabletop format of its predecessor. Each companion assists you in some way, both in and outside of battle, offering