PSVR Titles EVE: Valkyrie, Bound & Eagle Flight All Set to Receive PS4 Pro Support | Power Up Gaming
PlayStation VR titles EVE: Valkyrie, Bound and Eagle Flight are all set to include PS4 Pro support, it has been confirmed. Firstly, according to information contained on the back cover of Eagle Flight, which was posted as an image on the game's Amazon listing, the title is 'PS4 Pro Enhanced', although developer Ubisoft Montreal has not yet provided any specific details on what these may include. In Eagle Flight, which is Ubisoft's first foray into virtual reality, users play as an eagle, seeing and experiencing the planet from the point-of-view of the bird of prey. There are single player challenges to hone flight skills, along with a dogfighting and racing multiplayer modes. Meanwhile, the creative director of PS4-exclusive platformer Bound, Michal Staniszewski, took to Reddit this week to confirm the inclusion of PS4 Pro support in the title. He also went into a little more depth about the nature of the enhancements the system will bring to the title's PSVR version: "As one of Bound