Thumper Devs Discuss Native 4K Support on PS4 Pro; Acknowledge PSVR ‘Image Drift’ Issues & More | Power Up Gaming
The developers of the critically acclaimed rhythm-violence game Thumper have today shed more light on the title's upcoming PS4 Pro support, while acknowledging that 'image drifting' is a problem for the game's PSVR version – and the headset in general. During a question-and-answer session on Reddit's IamA, two-man studio Drool were asked about the advantages the PS4 Pro would bring to the recently released title, particularly with regards to its PSVR version. In response, co-founder Marc Flury said: "It was fun adding Pro support to our game. It has enough oomph for us to do native 4K in 'traditional' mode. One of the challenges of high quality VR rendering is compensating for the image distortion (it leads to pixelation and aliasing issues). On Pro, our VR mode renders at a higher resolution (increased supersampling) and we bumped up the MSAA quality. It's still the same game, just an upgraded presentation." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtPGX8i1Eaw Later, the developer was