Dragon Bros Interview: Space Lizard on Creating a Metal Slug-Inspired Shooter for the Modern Audience | Power Up Gaming
Side-scrolling, retro-inspired action games have seen something of a resurgence in recent years, from the relatively straight-forward – but critically acclaimed – platforming of Shovel Knight to the bullet hell frenzy of Super Time Force. At Play Expo 2016, we had the opportunity to get hands-on with Dragon Bros, a run-and-gun game that pays an unapologetic homage to 8-bit shooter classics such as Metal Slug and Contra. The title, developed by Liverpool-based independent outfit Space Lizard Studio, features a colourful 2D pixel-art aesthetic along with simple, accessible gameplay, and will feel instantly familiar to fans of the genre. Although Dragon Bros is a treat for retro fans, it's clear that Space Lizard have also tried to cater to a wide-ranging audience. Along with its cutesy visual style, younger gamers will likely feel more at home with Dragon Bros' control scheme. Rather than relying on face buttons for both jumping and shooting, the game features an analogue-and-triggers