Everspace Preview: An Epic First Impression | Power Up Gaming
Some games carry a sense of curiosity and adventure from the outset. Everspace is a perfect example of this, turning the genre of immersive space exploration on its head and backing it up with high quality graphics. Currently in its beta phase on PC, after soaring onto the Xbox One's Game Preview program last month, Everspace combines the thrill of intense outer-space dogfights with a roguelike structure to create a game that's as unique as it is gorgeous. It's currently a single player-only game, which works just fine, as there's a lot to get your head around without the added stress of engaging with hostile players. With a new angle on space exploration, Everspace puts you in control of a pilot who must find a way to his final destination; your ultimate goal is merely a series of system jumps away. But along the way you'll be taking care of space pirates, upgrading your puny, basic weapons and repairing damaged modules on the fly. Everspace is tough – really tough – and its early