Tekken 7 Preview – Fighting Fit | Power Up Gaming
Staying at the top for 22 years is a tough slog, but Tekken has emerged victorious atop a mound of bloodied and bruised 3D fighters. The Virtua Fighters, Bushido Blades and even Soul Caliburs of this world have proven to be inferior opponents, allowing Tekken to take the proverbial King of Iron Fist crown for itself. However, with the advent of a decent Mortal Kombat game and the likes of Killer Instinct making a triumphant comeback, can Tekken retain its title as gaming’s premier 3D brawler? I managed to secure a hands-on preview of Tekken 7 at this year’s Play Expo in Manchester, and while the game has seen various arcade iterations since 2015, this was an opportunity to see the game running on the PS4 hardware. The results were rather impressive. A port of the Fated Retribution cabinet, Tekken 7 packs in all of the spectacle that the series is synonymous with. Smash attacks look decidedly brutal, with flashy animations that convey each devastating blow effectively. As per previous