First Impressions: Ride 2 Is The Gran Turismo Of The Two-Wheeled World | Power Up Gaming
At this year’s Play Expo in Manchester, Power Up Gaming managed to sneak in a couple of ride-alongs with two different motorbike racers that will be going head-to-head this year. One was the arcade-inspired Moto Racer 4, while the other was more of a Gran-Turismo-on-two-wheels sort of affair. That game is Ride 2, a racing simulation that offers a wealth of content for bike tinkerers and serious motorheads alike. Just looking at the feature list for Ride 2 can give you the same heady sensation of huffing petrol fumes in an enthusiast’s workshop. Ride 2 features 174 motorcycles, including 16 modifiable models, and by the time developer Milestone have finished their DLC plans, the game is likely to include more than 230 bikes; an astonishing feat. You can customise a selection of these bikes with over 1200 different parts; and, in addition to that, there are 30 circuits to choose from, featuring real locations such as Donnington. Ride 2 claims to be the most complete bike racing game ever