How Battlezone Convinced Me That PS VR Has A Legitimate Use | Power Up Gaming
Coming from the perspective of someone who hadn’t had a fully immersive experience in virtual reality, I remained unconvinced about the upcoming PlayStation VR. Neither the more technically impressive Oculus Rift, nor the HTC Vive – which is so seemingly so far out of reach with its high price point and oceans of space required to play – could sell me on VR. So how could Sony’s lower-priced, technically inferior effort persuade me on the latest trend in video gaming? That was my thought process until the point that I tried Battlezone at the Manchester Play Expo this year. Battlezone is a reboot of the old '80s tank combat arcade game. While the original looks decidedly lo-fi with its wireframe models, the latest Battlezone evokes a simpler, retro-stylised aesthetic that evokes older arcade experiences while also feeling bang up to date. One of the limitations of VR is that hardware needs to display a consistently high frame rate to avoid nausea in the player. This means that games