Is Betting A New Genre Of Gaming? | Power Up Gaming
Before we get started here, it should be made clear that no one is attempting to equate gambling as a whole with the gaming industry. One is done with inherent risks with the goal of winning money; the other is done purely for entertainment. As gamers well know, however, the internet can (and will) come up with anything. And in recent years we've started to see the lines blurring between certain types of betting activity and gaming mentality. We'll start with what may be the example that first comes to mind for most people: daily fantasy sports. Websites like FanDuel, DraftKings, and a few other alternatives (Yahoo Sports even hosts its own daily fantasy activity now) have exploded in recent years. These sites offer sports fans the opportunity to engage in daily or weekly fantasy contests with real money buy-ins and payouts. You pay an entry fee to enter a contest (with tons of different contests with different circumstances), pick a lineup of real professional or collegiate athletes,