Windlands Interview: Psytec Games on Creating a Spider-Man-Inspired VR Experience | Power Up Gaming
Heading into EGX 2016, Psytec Games' Windlands was undoubtedly one of my most hotly anticipated VR titles of the convention, although I was also a little trepidatious about trying it out. A studio dedicated to creating virtual reality titles, Psytec provided me with one of my most memorable experiences of last year's expo when their virtual reality dungeon crawler Crystal Rift scared the living daylights out of me with apparently hilarious results. To my relief, Windlands is about a far cry from the horror-filled underworld of Crystal Rift as one could ask for. Touted as a 'first-person grappling hook VR exploration game', the PS VR launch title allows players to soar through the ruins of a ancient civilisation and discover all of the secrets it has to offer. Windlands features lush, colourful worlds that seem to take inspiration from some of your favourite classic 3D platformers along with the likes of Minecraft. More importantly, it also boasts accessible, intuitive controls, which I