Hitman Episode 5: Colorado Review – Limited Potential | Power Up Gaming
For me, this year's Hitman remains strange despite its quality. At first, I was perplexed by the series' foray into episodic content. Did IO Interactive want each section to be polished to the utmost before release, until every facet shone like Agent 47's big bald dome? Perhaps, but the money-grabbing nature of Square Enix's big business, through the game's ability to generate interest and revenue throughout the year, is a more-than-likely answer. Cynicism be damned, my most recent qualms come from the structure of Episode Five: Colorado. The level is far from bad, but the size of the map, as well as its verticality and uniqueness in terms of visuals, are somewhat lacking. Hitman is at its best when it delves into the mundane; not the boring, but the everyday. Sneaking around suburban neighbourhoods or posh hotels, or even quaint Italian fishing villages, allows for freedom in terms of disguises and routes, as well as splendorous views and relaxation when planning out murders