Shovel Knight to Guest Star in Yooka-Laylee | Power Up Gaming
Shovel Knight's titular protagonist is set to guest star in the eagerly anticipated Yooka-Laylee, Playtonic Games has today confirmed. During a developer session at EGX 2016, the team behind the upcoming throwback platformer showcased a trailer for the game's colourful cast of characters, which to the surprise of attendees also confirmed the inclusion of Yacht Club Games' mascot as a (presumably) non-playable character. Despite Yooka being 3D and Shovel Knight featuring 8-bit graphics, the two titles have common ground, not least in their respective Kickstarter successes. The crossover certainly made sense to Playtonic, who discussed the inclusion with Yacht Club over several Skype calls. Playtonic director Gavin Price revealed the collaboration came about after discussions with Yooka-Laylee's publisher Team 17 about the inclusion of a guest character into their universe. He described Shovel Knight as coming instantly to mind as "a really cool character, from a much-loved game",