EGX 2016: Hitman Episode 5 – Freedom Fighters Details Revealed | Power Up Gaming
Earlier today, IO Interactive, the team behind the popular Hitman series, took to the stage at EGX 2016 to give fans a sneak peak at the latest entry in its episodic flagship title. As part of their developer session, Travis Barbour and Torben Ellert spent some time discussing Freedom Fighters, the fifth of seven episodes the game will have to offer. The mission sees Agent return to the United States after spells in Paris, Bangkok and Africa. Set in Colorado, a private militia have taken over an abandoned farm in order to train for something top secret, which the developers refused to reveal but suggested players would be able piece together when the chapter unlocks next week (September 27). For the first time in the Hitman series, everyone's favourite silent assassin will have four targets to take care of. As always, IO confirmed that this can be done stealthily and look like four completely unrelated accidents – or you could blow up the barns and go storming in with a shotgun. The