Earthlock: Festival of Magic Review – One Part Nostalgia, One Part Average | Power Up Gaming
Bottling up nostalgia and delivering it in a video game, especially in today's market, is an art. Earthlock: Festival of Magic is one of those titles that captures the enjoyment from role-playing games of 15 years ago to create something special - even though it all feels quite familiar. Developed by Norwegian team Snowcastle Games, Earthlock takes place on the planet of Umbra where a change in its rotation has caused havoc with various creatures and plant life. There are lots of quirky characters on Umbra and none more so than the game's main protagonist, a scavenger called Amon, whose Uncle Benjo is actually a shark. Snowcastle Games establishes Amon's story with three other individuals: Gnart, a scholar of the 'hogbunny' species; Olia, a hotheaded hunter wielding a poleaxe; and Ive, a young army Cadet and daughter to a renowned military General. Getting to know these characters and their motivations takes time and Snowcastle Games does itself a disservice by frequently chopping and